lives by the code of his ancestors

He is certain, smart & tough. He is the original man of the North. He is in the constant pursuit of happiness. Ambitious, he fails often, but he attempts more and achieves more. He focuses on one thing, completes it and move on to the next quest. He is tenacious and daring with a great sense of humor. He never gives up, having his moral compass as a guideline, he knows exactly what to do, where to go and who to be.

Welcome to a new era of power and style, where time is not an issue.

No matter where and who you are, in a classroom or a dance floor, a teacher or a snowboarder, a builder or a banker… your life is about rising above the challenges and winning the day.

…THORTON is the reminder of the warrior we all hide inside of us…


In 2015 two friends Paul and Alex, with a long tradition in the watch world, set out to revolutionize the industry.

The vision was to embrace not only the latest technological & mechanical developments, but the true dedication to details and designing techniques as well, while remaining accessible to everyone.

They teamed with a multi – award winning designer that shared the same passion and imagination. Ken, became an inseparable member of the team and the three of them spent months working with details, and materials and designs, and shipped watches back and forth across the globe.

In 2017 “THORTON” was born.